• From the NFL to Pop Warner, we know the danger of concussions now. Should kids play football? Tom Ashbrook, WBUR Boston, sits down with Dr. Bennet Omalu, Tom Farrey (Sports and Society Program at the Aspen Institute), Brenda Easter (CTE Hope), and Ernesto 'Cuatro' Groos (Pop Warner Football and Cheer league).

  • On Sept. 12, youth athletes and high school athletes have the opportunity to learn more about concussion awareness if their teams choose to participate in the second annual Team Up Speak Up Day, which was created to bring awareness to athletes if they think they see a teammate suffering from a head injury during a game.

  • Artwork on display at Submit to Love Studios, based at the brain injury charity Headway East London. Making Faces explores both the physical and emotional side of discovering identity, following traumatic incidents. A number of pieces, such as this one, have been worked on by a number of the artists.

  • I’ve had two Traumatic Brain Injuries: one at age 6 and one at age 18, and both with life-altering results. But at the same time, and somehow, people never stopped fighting for me. And now it’s my turn to return the favor. My reason for writing this article is that young people with TBI and older adults with TBI really have hope.

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